Doctor Bike is a Kona Dealer in Albacete, Spain. The doctor himself purchased his first Kona, an Explosif, back in 1994. Since then he’s owned at least 20 different models, but he claims that this, his custom Remote 160 is the best Kona he has ever owned.  It’s his third ebike in fact, but he wanted to build this one up to 100% reflect his riding style and the trails he rides.

Only the frame, motor, and battery remain from the stock Remote 160, everything else has been changed to create a powerful enduro rig capable of doing as many km’s on a single battery as possible. “With this bike, I can climb up where I have never been able to before and then enjoy going down!”. After owning only 27+ wheeled ebikes before, he decided to mount 29″ wheels to be able to roll and go faster “I have to admit that after having the same bike with smaller wheels it has been a success”. 

As a suspension specialist, I have fitted an Ohlins ttx22 spring shock and a Fox 36 ebike fork properly tuned for my bike. I have also changed the standard dropper for a 2021 Fox Transfer 150mm travel.

From the beginning, it was clear to me that all this had to be stopped in any condition and for this reason, before launching the bike, Shimano Saint brakes with 200mm Galfer rotors were mounted on both wheels. Later I have been making the bike take shape with different “sweets” such as the Leonardi Factory 32 tooth chainring to save battery, the cabon Renthal Fatbar, and even the protective vinyl from fellow Spanish company Dyedbro.

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