image3It’s been a week of heat acclimating for Kona Endurance Team member Spencer Paxson who is in Cairns, Australia for round one of the 2016 XC World Cup. Joining his gravity teammate Connor Fearon in the tropical jungles of northern Australia (this weekend is round two of the DH World Cup), Spencer has been getting the XC track dialed and keeping his eyes peeled for the odd crocodile and mobs of kangaroos.image1

The XC track in Cairns is a vicious little 2.7 mile loop with just under 300 feet of climbing per lap, chock full of rock rolls, jumps, drop offs, and that temperamental rainforest soil that turns to grease with just a few drops of rain. Such a short track sounds simple on paper, but at least seven times around at full tilt against 100 other racers makes it a beast of its own. That’s the World Cup. It’s mean and fast and has no mercy for those who choose to face it.

The gun goes off on Sunday afternoon (that’s Saturday night if you’re reading in the states). Check in on our boy Spencer at @slaxsonmtb for more behind-the-scenes action and wish him the best as he gets this World Cup season underway.