image2Last weekend Endurance Team riders Spencer Paxson, Barry Wicks and Kris Sneddon reunited in southern California for the kickoff of the 2015 North American XC race season. Blazing sun, punchy race tracks, and a star-studded international field (22 nations total!) greeted the intrepid Kona gang at Rounds 1 and 2 of the U.S. Cup, the premier Olympic format XC race series this side of the Atlantic. These races were the first opportunities to test out the legs, as well as some cool new XC bikes (stay tuned for more on that!) and new gear from Fox and Shimano.

Paxson led the charge, posting a strong first performance of the season, finishing 3rd for the U.S. and 18th overall at Bonelli. Next he is headed down to Colombia with the U.S. National Team for the Pan Am Continental Championships. Barry, who is just tuning himself up for longer races this spring, plowed like a long-legged locomotive through the majority 100+ racer field for respectable top 30. He then earned the bronze in the Super D on the same day, all aboard his Hei Hei Supreme. Kris, just coming off a shoulder injury, courageously threw himself into the frying pan of the fastest fat tire racing on the planet, and was satisfied that he has made a full recovery; now all that is left is some spring tune up before he resumes his dominance as one of the top mtb stage racers in North America.

Read more about the season kickoff on Spencer’s blog at, and watch amazing video replay of the races at In the meantime, climb a few hills for every shuttle run you take to make sure you’re in shape for spring, and that you’re still a real mountain biker, and stay tuned for the next big US races in April: Bonelli Park US Cup #2, Sea Otter Classic, and Whiskey 50 Off Road.

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