Cory Wallace 2014 UCI XCM Worlds - 1The 2014 World Marathon MTB Championships in South Africa started slowly with me hovering around the top 50 before I put in a top 10 time in the 2nd half of the race to finish 20th. This year @ Worlds the goal was to improve my start and the overall result against a stiffer field. This would be a big challenge on an epic course through the towering Dolomites of Northern Italy. Having my best race in over two months was encouraging, but it was just enough to stay in the top half of the 140 rider field before dropping back towards the end of the race to finish 78th.CIMG0981

Riding in the mid pack at a World Championships is nothing to be ashamed of but it’s a far cry from what i’m capable of. I will excuse myself for this one as getting injured in North Africa at the end of April took its toll on my bodies energy stores as I attempted to train through the recovery process. Sometimes being stubborn isn’t the smartest move but you live and learn.CIMG0945

It was a blast to be part of this World class event with every rider dressed in there Nation’s colours as they came from all over the planet. The course was built for mountain goats as we went up four major fire road climbs, often with 15-20% gradients which caused nearly everyone to walk at least parts of the climbs. These were followed with some fast single track which for the first time in a couple months I had the strength and confidence in my shoulder to descend like a Canadian and leave everyone in the dust.

2016 will be another year as the World Marathon Championships move to a more all rounded course in southern France. I’ll look forward to having another shot to represent my sponsors and Country at this event as it’s always an honour to be racing on the World stage. There’s some unfinished business to take care of after this outing!IMG_4282

My buddy Yuki Ikeda from Japan and I were lucky to have great support from his wife Saya and our friend Tamy for this race. Thanks girls!

Off to Munich, Germany this afternoon to catch a flight back to Canada and freshen up for the 2nd half of the race year.