Comeback Kid II: Kona Entourage

Kona knows how to make park bikes – they sponsor the bike programs of many of the world’s most prestigious bike parks. With all of that information welling around a bike company that sits on both sides of the border, geologically centered in the best technical riding spot on the planet, one would think that Kona would rule the category. For whatever reasons, this has not been the case, but the dry spell should be over if park riders get a taste of Kona’s new Entourage. This is the bike that bridges the long-wheelbase big bike feel with the nimble, short-chainstay all-mountain nimbleness. You can send it and it lands like a cat, or you can poke around exploring technical trails without feeling like you are tugging on bungee cords every time you top a short climb. The Entourage is a gravity bike, make no mistake about it, with 170 millimeters of travel, a slammed saddle and a 65-degree head angle, all it lacks is a dual-crown fork, but that’s the magic of park riding – a lighter bike with slightly less travel and a bit sharper pedaling is way more fun than a full-on DH sled for all but the hardest five percent of the terrain available. Kona’s Entourage is nimble in the tight stuff and simply pops off jumps. It’s a must-ride for anyone in the market for a capable park bike.