I have had the privilege of riding and working with Brian Mullen over the past few seasons.  I always thought he had that “special edge” that separates the men from the boys in downhill racing.  Brian has always impressed me with his dedication.  Whether it is his academics, practicing, or working up the ranks and becoming one of the youngest Pros on the NW Cup circuit.  One big reason Brian is able to pursue his goals is due to his dad George commitment to shuttling him and providing race support! What a dad!

Brian had a tough decision this year deciding whether to dominate the Category 1  1-18 or move up to the Pro category and run with the big boys.  He chose the Pro class and responded with 40th place out of 91 in the first leg of the Pro GRT! This was an amazing result for it being his first professional race and considering the intense competition from top pro’s from the US and Europe.  His second race on the NW cup landed him 12th out of 29 racers, another solid performance and obvious improvement from the first race.  He had this to say about NW Cup #2:

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Day 1:
“The track the first day surprised me when I first took my first run down.  The condition of the course was in horrible shape, but it still was super fun to run.  That day I mainly checked out lines and analyzed the course top to bottom, looking for hot lines.  By the end of the day I was able to get in four runs, and felt really comfortable with the track.”

Day 2:
“I was feeling good the previous day about the course so I only took three runs down just to dial in any sections I felt that I could go a bit faster in.  Mainly I was looking for a good place to rip a “tear off” off, because come Sunday it was going to be sloppy.  Once I knew what I was going to do on every part of the track I decide to head back to camp, to work on the race bike and get some much needed rest.”

Day 3:
“Race day!  I awoke to it pissing rain out, typical northwest conditions. I just told myself to just ride like its dry.  My practice run was really good and the course didn’t really change due to the rain.  One hour later I did my qualifying run, got eighth place! Super stoked on that, but I knew I had a few more seconds left in me.  On my race run I went a little faster in the sections where I knew I could make some time up, and ended up getting twelfth! I was real stoked with that result.”

Look forward to continued great race results and another Pinkbike VOD to his file.

Trevor Torres