13-05-2012. Minidownhillcup Filthy Trails, Belgium.
The track was very short but very nice, cool jumps and a nice rock-garden. Practice was on Sunday morning. i got all my lines together and it felt good. I was ready for the race. My first race run wasn’t that good, made a small mistake on the rock-garden. Luckily I got to redo my first run because there were some technical difficulties with the time registration. Did my run again and it felt better, came thru the rock-garden without any mistakes. My time was 37,02 seconds. Came in 3th. Second run was better, paddled as hard as I could but that wasn’t enough (working on my strength now haha). My time was 36,90 remained 3th. I had a nice day riding my bike, but wasn’t very happy with the results.

18/19/20-05-2012. IXS German Downhill Cup Winterberg, Germany.
Friday was trackwalk and practice, with the trackwalk I saw it was a real downhill track. It looked like good fun. During practice I had some trouble with staying on my bike, had a few big crashes. After that I rode a couple runs with Tom Bersselaar and he showed me some good lines. In the evening I did some dirtjumping with a few friends. It was fun. Saturday morning I had to get up early for another training session. I ran into Lars Veenstra and did a few practice runs with him. Saturday afternoon was the seeding run. Top section went really good. But at the bottom of the tracki had a small crash. I gave everything I had to make up a few seconds. When I crossed the finish line I was first and was really surprised cause I had a crash. BUT, there were still 3 guys who had to ride. At the end of the day I was 3th pretty stoked on that. My time was, 2:32.010. Sunday was raceday. It had rained so the track was muddy, mostly the bottom section. We all had one run, so it had to be spot on. To bad I crashed several times. I was very disappointed. My time was 3:24.176 and I came in 5th. Wasn’t that happy with my time but I had a great weekend riding my bike with friends.