2014-06 28 les angles (128)Romain reports: This weekend was held the first round of the FRENCH CUP in Les Angles in the Pyrenees mountains. After a good training session, and a promising 4th place in the seeding run 4 seconds of the podium. I tried to improve the quality of my lines for the final Sunday afternoon.

Sundays, the feeling is so good on my KONA OPERATOR, I feel near to the final. 3:42 p.m. the finals start, I leave with a lot of ambition and beautiful lines on the upper part, with an error at the idole of the track, that reminds me about my reasons and is certainly not want to make a mistake now, really fast on the last section in the woods, I crossed the line with the new best time.

There were only three riders before, PICCOLO crossed the line with a mechanical problems, PODIUM OUAAAH insured; FIGARET finished just behind me, YES; there remains Florent Payet, but it takes a huge run and finished ahead with 3.29 sec ahead, I’M SECOND YEEEEEWWW!!!!!

So happy to go back again on a national podium, all these efforts are finally rewarded and it gives me full of hope and desire for more this weekend at Super Besse for the second round of the FRENCH CUP.

Thank you all for your support,