This was my first Canadian National Championship race. Mount Sainte Anne is a very fast, technical course (I guess because it is a World Cup course) with tight rocky sections in the trees and wide open dusty sections on the ski run.

On Thursday afternoon we did some sprints in the parking lot on our bikes to warm up, and then headed up for course walk. On first impression it looked like an awesome course.

On Friday morning the PerformX Team and I, did some yoga and stretching before we headed up for morning and afternoon training. I had very few good runs and did not feel confident about the course.

The Juniors and Pro’s had seeding runs early on Saturday while I had training in the afternoon. I managed to have some really good runs as I tried to put my lines together. I called my coach, Chris Kovarik, to talk through some strategies and different lines, which helped me out a lot.

On Sunday morning I managed two good training runs before my race, which was at 1:15. I went up to the start an hour before my race and did a lot of visualization on the way. I did a bit of dynamic stretching then hopped on a spin bike, where I did intervals, which really warmed me up for the race. I got off the spin bike 15 minutes before my race, got my bike gear on, visualized the course and focused.

My race run felt amazing, I nailed all my lines, did not make any significant mistakes, and felt very strong throughout. I finished first, and won by 16 seconds. It was an awesome experience, going to Quebec and racing in Nationals. I am even more stoked to have won.