This weekend I had two downhill races, a Nissan downhill cup in Malmedy (Belgium) and a Minidownhillcup in Utrecht (Netherlands).

Nissan downhillcup Malmedy 07/08-04-2012:
Practise was on saturday, the weather was horrible. We even had some snow in the morning. My practise runs went well. Had some help from Leo Combee to ride the technical parts of the track. The first run was also on saturday. It was a pretty good run, made a few small mistakes but had a nice time! My first run was 1.37.83, second Cadet and 27 overall (+/-. 270 riders). This meant I came in top 30 so I qualified for the Super Final.

Sunday the weather was good. The track was alot faster than the day before. my time changed from 1.37.83 to 1.33.83, I wasn’t that happy with my time because I made a stupid mistake at the beginning of the track. I tried to make it up with pedeling everywhere. I ended up tirth Cadet and 43 overall, that meant no Super Final for me, to bad ):

Also did some dirtjumping after my second run on sunday, on my Operator Supreme. You can do anything with that bike!

Minidownhillcup Utrecht 09-04-2012:
The conditions were very bad. The track was very muddy. Practise was in the morning, it went pretty good. I was pretty happy with my first run, 27,38 sec. took second Junior and fourth overall! Second run was not that good, the track had gotten even worse! My time was 29,76 seconds…So my fastest run counted, so I remained second junior and fourth overall.

But it was fun riding in muddy conditions.

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