This year has definitely been one of my busiest. The year never really had a defined starting point to be honest. From shredding straight through the pow in the winter on my entourage to pre season trips to Vancouver, it felt like last season never ended. In April we had our first freeride camp in town and the kids were amped! Super fun shredding with those little guys forsure! After that I headed down to Sea otter for my first time with Aggy and Jordie Lunn. Even though the majority of my time was crammed in the back of Aggy’s taco under a lot of gear it was a super fun trip! I got to meet lots of new super rad people from Kona and other companies, got Tattoos with the boys, shredded some fun trails, world premiere of strength in numbers and had some pretty funny nights! I did the Downhill race there and got 8th in senior men, I think next time ill bring a road bike to do that race! Coming back from that we had the first BC cup here in town which was pretty fun, got 4th in that one. Shortly after that we had another kids camp with a big crew of keeners! Theres something about seeing little kids so stoked on the most minor things that makes me extremely happy about what I’ve accomplished so far.

May consisted of nothing too insane. A lot of camping and riding weekends with awesome friends, lots of digging and just lots of fun! Our spring here in Kamloops has been super rainy, which was super unusual. The rain allowed us to get a lot of digging in and a lot of amazing days on the hero dirt trails. A lot of people were actually kind of bummed it was too wet but you have to take advantage of sick dirt like that! Trust your tires!

June was a super rad month, with the anticipation of our local hill Sun peaks opening. Planning out shooting missions, bike camps and rad trips with the friends. The highlight of the month had to be shooting with Reuben Krabbe. Reuben is a super talented Photographer from Whistler. He as well as Seb Kemp made the trip into Kamloops to shoot an article for DIRT mag about the amazing town I am graced to live in. I’ve recently seen a bunch of the photos he shot while here and I am super anxious to see what makes the cut, so stoked!

Majority of our crew made it out to Sunpeaks opening day and it was really sick. Having lived in Whistler the past couple years it was sick to be back there forsure. A few days after that myself, Matty Miles and Karl Heldt (Silvia Films) were lucky enough to get a sweet room up at the hill while we shot video and photos for the hill. It was a super rad week forsure, we got a lot of sweet stuff! The following weekend I was riding at Silverstar and had a super out of the blue crash. The first thing I remember is being in an ambulance with a neck brace on and in a spinal board with the doctor telling me my neck was broken and it might be unstable so don’t move! I haven’t been that scared in a long time. Long story short I came out with a minor neck sprain, a really good concussion, some cuts and bruises and some broken knuckles! Definitely not the position I wanted to be in first week of summer. When I picked up my stuff from the hill I found my fox moto helmet smashed in pretty good! So glad I decided to start wearing DOT helmets. I then took a week to recover in Banff with my brother. I then headed straight to Whistler to coach the last week of Camp of Champions, Such an awesome time! I’ve never seen so many smiles in my life! I had a blast shredding with the kids, but thankfully was still able to keep it mellow considering my injuries. Now I am finally back home and I am getting anxious to head back to whistler for crank-worx, Ill be doing lots of shredding there aswell as a few races!

-Ace Hayden

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