Becky Gardner is a Kona Grassroots ride that originally hails from Beacon, NY but she’s currently taking a break from fashion school to ride and work in CO at Kona dealer Telluride Gravity Works.
When asked how she felt going in to the race, Becky said, “I knew that I would do well in the race, but I was a little nervous because it was my first time back on the bike in 2 weeks after a bad crash that put a chainring through my leg. I wasn’t going to race at all because I couldn’t get the day off from the shop. In the end I decided to race on my lunch break since the mountain is minutes away. I was on my Operator and all the other racers were on endure bikes, so I knew I had to make up time in the gnarly sections. I only got one practice run in but I ended up winning by 10 seconds.”
Congrats, Becky!