29/30-09-2012 Nissan Downhill Cup Huy, Belgium.
We arrived on Saturday morning, the weather was really nice. First thing I did was the track walk with some friends. The track wasn’t like last year, it was completely different. Very fun though. It didn’t have big jumps but it was pretty technical. I had good fun while training, the track was very nice and super fun to ride. I did a lot of training runs Saturday. Sunday morning there was some time for 1 or 2 extra training runs, just to get everything right. My first run went not really how I wanted, made a couple of small mistakes. My time was 1:25.83 and I came in 3th cadet. With this time I was able to ride in the superfinal. My second run went a lot better, I was really happy about it but it still wasn’t enough. My time was 1:23.75 I still came in 3th cadet. I wanted to do better in the superfinal. My superfinal run went absolutely horrible, I crashed in the very first corner of the track. That got me really pissed. My time was 1:50.29 and I came in 5th cadet. This also was the last Nissan Downhill Cup, I came in 3th cadet of the year. I had a very nice weekend of riding my bike with my friends.

07/08-10-2012 Minidownhill Cup and Open Dutch Championships Bikepark Ferme Libert, Belgium.

We arrived on Saturday morning, my mom and my sister were also with me. The weather was really horrible. It rained the whole day. It made riding very fun though! The rain and the mud made it a really technical track. There were also a few big doubles and a really big roadgap. Didn’t had a lot of full runs, but focused me on the difficult parts of the track. Sunday the weather was way better, the track went from wet to really thick mud, didn’t really made riding it easier. My first run didn’t go well, hit a few trees but still came in first junior. My second run went even worse, I came in second. I was second in the Minidownhill Cup and first in the Open Dutch Championships. This also was the last Minidownhill Cup and I came in second Junior of the year.