Last weekend Kona took part in the Happy Bikes Days demo day in Houffalize, it’s the largest outdoor bike expo in Belgium with over 40 companies offering up products to consumers to test.IMG_0019The Heihei Deluxe and Kahuna‘s we hugely popular during the weekend and as well as the Process range of bikes with one customer rating the Process 153DL 11 out of 10!


Along side the Happy Bike Days event there was also the Roc d’Ardenne in Houffalize. Kristien Achten, from Belgian Kona dealer Swooth Bike Shop won the enduro event on Friday on her Processs 111. On Saturday she followed that up and rode in the UCI marathon and finished in 10th. Then on Sunday she did the Belgium champs enduro and was 2nd! They don’t call her “machien” (engine) for nothing! After 3 days of riding you know why!