imageMax reports: Two weekends ago, June 7th and 8th, I competed in the second stage of the BC Enduro Series, along with teammate Patrick Ladyman, which was held in North Vancouver. Onboard our Process 153’s we were eager to get on the notoriously rocky, rooty and technical trails the venue is known for. After the ride from the venue to the start of Stage 1 it was full speed ahead! Stage 1 was a short sub two minute stage which was full commitment as you charged through flat corners and technical high speed rock gardens. The high speeds and rough terrain suited me well and I finished the Stage with the fastest time in junior men. After recovering from the first stage it was just a quick transition to the start of stage 2. Stage 2 was an absolute disaster for me. I crashed twice but luckily didn’t lose too much time. When we went to start the climb up to stage 3, the longest climb of the day, I quickly realized I had done more damage than just a skinned knee. During one of my crashes I had managed to badly bend my derailleur hanger and simultaneously explode my rear shift housing. Luckily some other racers who knew all the trailside tricks came to the rescue and we quickly had my hanger usable and managed to make a sort of splint for my housing. It wasn’t pretty, but it was enough to get me through the day. Stage 3 was classic North Shore riding; steep, rocky descents; tight, winding corners; and of course, plenty of woodwork. Stage 3 was also the longest stage of the race, coming in at just under 9 minutes it was a bit of a leg burner. Stage 4 was a lot of fun and felt pretty good; unfortunately Pat had a pretty bad crash but still finished the stage strong. After we were all recovered and ready to ride we started the transition to stage 5. Unlike the rest of the stages this one was flat and flowy, a nice way to end the day. At the end of Day 1 I was sitting in 1st, Pat was in 3rd and we were both eager to start the second day. Just like Day 1, Day 2 started with a long pedal to stage one; but unlike the first day, the second day was a much more Downhill oriented ride. The first stage proved to be a bit of an issue for me. I overcooked a blind corner and unfortunately bent my rear brake rotor pretty bad and had to work to get through the stage. Once I had finished the stage it was time for some more trailside repairs. With the help of a nice flat rock we found we had my rotor straightened out and were quickly on our way to the top of Stage 7. Both Pat and I had been looking forward to this stage all weekend and were keen to get racing again. The stage was on Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, an iconic North Shore trail. During Stage 7 we both dropped chain but were able to make up most of the lost time. With Stages 6 and 7 done we were on the home stretch. The final two stages were pretty mellow, stage 8 was mostly side hill with a couple little technical bits and stage 9 was just a quick sprint through the woods to get you back to the finish area. We handed in our timing tags and were happy to see we were both on the podium! Patrick finished 3rd and I ended up 1st. The race was a lot of fun and we are both super stoked on how awesome the bikes and all of our gear worked! Thanks again to Kona, Spank, Troy Lee Designs and Skookum Cycle Salmon Arm for keeping us looking, and riding, fast.