“The weekend stated of good, with my dad and lindsay watson. We left friday morning to go to Fort William we arrived at 8:00pm I was straight out to walk the track then to bed really early to be ready for the day ahead.

On Saturday morning the sun was out and looked like a good day, i was ready to have fun and do the track. I was up the top at 9:30am one of the frist riders down the track. I got 5 runs in before seeding which ended up being as fast as race runs because the Sunday weather was going to be bad . i went up for the run i had everything the way i wanted it to be i was 5th last down .

My run went Ok I wiped out on the top section but got down in 13th , which wasn’t bad considering the crash. I think if i didnt have a crash i would of got top 5. I was happy to get the fort william race over with it was a good learning curve, now in a week time the idms round 3 in carrick is my nexted big race i hope to do well there…”