By James Joiner

“Hey, Kona has a podcast now!”

“Eh. Doesn’t everybody? Heck, my teenage daughter has two of ‘em.”

It’s true. Everybody has a podcast.

So why? Why add yet another podcast to an already overcrowded medium? 

Because with roots as deep as Kona’s – 30 plus years and counting! –  and an ambassador squad deeper than every Blue Man Group troupe combined, I knew we had something unique to offer amidst the din of bike geek overthinking, trash talk, and thinly-veiled brand marketing currently clamoring to shout into your brain.

See, the thing that I love most about Kona – they just love bikes, everything about ‘em, and have since the beginning – is exactly what the “podcast space” was lacking. This is a company with over 70 ambassadors. A platoon of creative cyclists cobbled together through nothing more than our passion for riding bikes of all kinds and our commitment to the amazing, diverse communities surrounding that. I’m lucky to have found a home amidst these incredible people, and I’m so stoked to have this platform to tell their stories, as well as many more. Yeah, we’re gonna talk bikes, because of course we are. We can’t help ourselves. But just like in real life, bikes are a doorway, a way to get to stuff like travel and food, art and music, wild ideas and little moments.

We’re kicking things off, very appropriately, with Kona athlete and ambassador Miranda Miller. If you don’t know who Miranda is, well, I don’t want to say you’re blowing it, but…. Seriously, you may be blowing it. A bananas-good rider who, after winning the downhill World Championships a couple years ago has set her sights and immense talent on enduro racing, Miranda is one of the funniest and most creative people in the game. She and I talk about, duh, bikes, plus how she’s staying sane in quarantine, her prison gym, cooking, and what it means to be a professional bike racer when there aren’t any races.

Check it out! Dropping every Thursday, the Kona Cog Cast is available via Apple’s podcast store, Spotify, Stitcher, and TuneIn. Do us a favor and like / subscribe, would ya?

 Lastly, a huge thank you to my friends Modest Mouse for letting us use their classic Talking Shit About A Pretty Sunset as our theme song. If you haven’t already (and you definitely should have) go buy all their records ASAP.