The Humu originally started out as our bar bike—our two-wheeled utilitarian way about town. It was never designed to be a Klunker class bike, but when mountain bikes started to get expensive, we wanted a hassle-free ride that you could lock up without worry. Introduced in 1992, the Humu was styled after some of the first mountain bikes, like the Trailmaster and the Pro-Cruiser. All of these bikes had the double top-tube frame and moto-inspired handlebars. Your go-everywhere, every day means for knockin’ about.The Humu continues to be a big part of who we are at Kona. The latest incarnation blends old styling and Kona’s original P2 fork with modern features like sliding dropouts, disc brakes and 29-inch wheels. Basically, an updated version of a classic. Cool as it ever was.
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