Buff ridge trails overlooking lush valleys, glacier-fed lakes and verdant mountain meadows… sound like a good place for a Kona? Well, it is – and it’s probably not the place you’re thinking of. These pics were taken north of 60. Welcome to Whitehorse, Yukon, and the trails in our backyard.

While the summer in northern Canada may be fleeting, each sunny day seems to last forever. Photographer Tim Hogan and Dave Kerr took advantage of the long evening light to shoot a new trail called Logan’s Run. Built through the site of an old burn, the trail flows along a ridge and through fields of fireweed, young pine, and the blackened remains of the old forest. The Logan’s Run trail is part of a network of over 80 km of ski and bike trails at the Mount McIntyre Recreation Centre. For Dave Kerr and Kelly Proudfoot, these trails are literally in their backyard. Moving to the Yukon was a change from the pace of life in Calgary and Vancouver for this pair. They arrived in the fall and their first taste of Yukon singletrack was on cross country skis, not bikes. Then the snow melted and they have hardly missed a day on their Konas ever since.

The efforts of the talented City of Whitehorse trail crew and the local mountain bike community have combined over the last few years to create an extensive network of flowy singletrack and challenging DH rides all within City limits. Almost every trail has a signature Yukon ridge ride with views that make you feel as if you’re deep in the backcountry. There are miles upon miles of trails to explore – but that’s a story better lived than read.
-Kristen Hogan

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