Introduced in 2013, Kona’s Super Grassroots Team has quickly grown into a “super” diverse amalgam of some incredibly talented riders from around the world. Not necessarily a pro development team, Super Grassroots is more a collection of both established legends and young up-and-comers. From Joe Schwartz, who’s morphed from Clump freeride star to backcountry guide and coach, to Dylan Sherrard, a freeheeling super shredder from Kamloops, BC, all the way to the eastern United States, where young cross-country racers Kaylee Armstrong and Alex Kristafolos are starting to make a name for themselves on the regional scene. We’re proud at Kona to be unveiling such a talented collection of riders from all over the UK and North America, encompassing the disciplines of enduro, downhill, road, cyclocross, cross-country and freeride…we even sponsor legendary trail builder Riley McIntosh! Talk about outside the box! To check out the roster go HERE. Make sure you check back regularly to the COG to keep up to date on all of their riding exploits.