No this isn’t a rant about bad Rampage judging, this is in fact one of the those all too depressing tales about the scum of the earth, yup, bike thieves. Long time Kona rider and all round good guy Joe Schwartz was the victim of bike theft from his home in Squamish, BC earlier this week. They took an out-of-the-box Supreme Operator that had not even touched dirt and his Process 153. If you live in the area and see or hear of these bikes being sold (or just ridden) please get in touch with us, or Joe via his Instagram page.


For Joe though the bad luck didn’t just end with the robbery. A couple of days after the theft, he borrowed a buddies bike, on the first ride he proceeded to catch a pedal on a hidden stump and used his face to slow down. Ouch!IMG_0050Hopefully the Kona community can help Joe get his bikes back!