It’s one of cycling’s more fascinating genres, populated by some of the sporting world’s more eccentric participants (and spectators). Cyclocross, where pain smilingly entertains passion in an arena that defines the pure simplicity of what it means to ride and race a bicycle. From the fanatical fans at European World Cup races to winter country road training regimens that spawn the stuff of legend, at Kona we’ve always had an affinity for ‘cross.

The idea that one bike could be your downtown commuter, your winter training steed, and your race-ready warrior no matter the weather holds a certain appeal to us. These are the defining characteristics that drive Kona’s product development team through every bike we make. From the legendary race heritage of the Major Jake, to the cross-purpose speed of the Jake the Snake, to the disc-equipped utilitarianism of the Jake. Add to the mix our new gravel grinder, “monster-cross” Kona Cromoly Rove and you’ve got a quiver of rides that meets the needs of today’s cyclocross rider head on.

Because if you can’t slide into your Superman suit come a cold, rainy, mud-strewn weekend and ride every single bit of sand, gravel, dirt and grass in between, well then, maybe you should just stick to mountain biking.

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