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For the last ten years or so the technical editors over at Bicycling Magazine have been putting together their annual genre defying and authoritative list of the best road and mountain bikes. Today at the Sea Otter Classic in California they announced the 2015 finalists who had received that coveted Editors’ Choice stamp. These are, as Bicycling‘s Gloria Liu states “bikes we recommend without reservation because they are class leaders, are amazing values, or extend the limits of what’s possible technologically. And, because of course, they bring the fun”. We already knew the MinUte ticked those boxes, but having the editors at Bicycling acknowledge it with this years award makes us pleased as punch. Read what they had to say after the break.
Here’s what an extended-rear cargo bike should feel like! A comfortable, upright riding position and plenty of gear options, including a triple crankset to make hauling stuff pretty easy on your own steam.—Caitlin Giddings

The MinUte gives you the advantages of a long-tail bike, but when you don’t have cargo (which would be most of the time) you’re not stuck riding an absurdly long bike. Before I moved from Portland, I was considering buying the MinUte. At the time, I commuted to work by bike six miles each way. After I got home, I’d jump into my car and backtrack two of the miles I just rode, to pick up my son at daycare. The Kona MinUte was going to be the answer to my ridiculous bike/car daily routine. I was going to attach a baby seat to the back platform while my son was an infant, and once he got a little older, I planned to get him his own seat and a handlebar that attaches to the seatpost. Even though I’m six feet tall and my wife, Heather, is five-foot-six, with a quick-release seatpost clamp both of us would have felt comfortable riding the MinUte. For a bike as useful as this, $1,400 is very reasonable.—Jimmy Cavalieri

Riding this bike just put a huge smile on my face.—Gloria Liu