Jacob Heilbron’s history in the cycling world is storied. Heilbron won the Canadian Cyclocross National Championships in 1978, where he earned his nickname, ‘Jake the Snake.’ He’s also responsible for bringing the first mountain bikes to Canada in his Vancouver store, West Point Bicycles in 1980. He went on to found Rocky Mountain Bicycles in 1981, and Kona Bicycles with Dan Gerhard in 1988.

Dan Gerhard got his feet wet in cycling at A-1 Bicycle Shop in St. Louis,, MO in 1975, before later moving to Vancouver, BC. There he managed West Point Cycles, was the Sales Manager for Rocky Mountain Bicycles from 1984 until 1986, and founded The Bicycle Group in 1986. The Bicycle Group was the original distributor of Brodie Bicycles, and became Kona Bicycle Company in 1988. Read More