The Patent Office sent us a letter the other day, letting us know that No. 7,712,757 has been issued, about 3 years after we sent in the first application.

Now, this isn’t Kona’s first patent. There’s probably a handful of people that remember the Dr. Dew brake lever extension from 1992 and just how big bar ends were in the early, pre-suspension days of mountain biking. Now that adjustable seatposts have come back in fashion (remember the Hite Rite?), maybe bar ends and the Dr. Dew will come back as well.

The first person I called after getting the notice was the inventor Brian Berthold. He let me know he has plenty of patents so it was old hat for him. I got pretty excited, this being one of the big parts of the re-invention going on at Kona these days. A couple of years ago we started adding more people to our product group. Constantly evolving our bikes has been a solid philosophy for Kona, but it felt like it was time to make some major changes. The hard work from Paddy White’s team is starting to show now and there’s going to be even more in 2011. The G2 CoilAir and Cadabra bikes got people pretty excited this year, and another Magic Link platform will be introduced in the fall. Mandell has been raving about the new long travel platform in development, he can’t wait to get our team riders on the next round of protos. Many of you have seen the spy photos of the carbon Major Jake and that’s just another part of the new era at Kona.

One thing we always keep in mind is you’re only as good as your latest ride. We’re going to keep making sure the next one is even better.

Dan & Jake