This year again all Kona Quebec dealers headed over to Trois Rivieres for the 2016 Kona Quebec Show. Awesome riding all day at CMB Energy Bike Park where about 40 staff from different shops across the province met up to ride together and share some drinks. The boys from the local bike shop Passion Velo where proud to show – off – their trails and get everyone stoked!

Before the sun died down, it was time to head back to the Kona Quebec headquarters for the day, a huge mansion by the lake, where most of the 2016 bikes where on display and available to demo for the pleasure of all the guests.

As for the rest of the evening, lets just say it was a good time. Some went home early (the next day).



Honzo chasing Process 111. Simon and Jp from Passion Velo


Yannick from Roc N’Ride checking out the line before sending it aboard his Honzo



Process 111 getting rad up in the air


Watch out for this kid ! local Grass Roots Rider, Dylan 11yo is on his way to become the next Aggy. (Dylan is at school right next to the Bike Park, these kids get to shred the trails during their 20 min recess !! How awesome is that ? if you have a kid that shreds, put him in that school, he will thank you forever!)


Kona Quebec Rep Marc Prinzvalli just cruising.



Head over to your local Québec Kona Bike Shop and ask these guys how did the show go? Guarantee they all have a story to tell.