Enduro race season is just starting in Finland. Finnish Kona Racing Team riders Olli Alanko, Niilo Vainio and Samppa Tölli are all set and ready to start the season.

Olli Alanko and his Process X DL are ready for the season. Olli is also supported by Shimano and Vittoria tires Finland.

Who said that enduro can’t be stylish? Olli and sweet table.

Olli’s Process X DL with Shimano drivetrain & brakes. Vittoria tires and Renthal cockpit.

Samppa Tölli has a great background on hard tails and now it’s time to bring all that talent in with the Process X DL. Samppa is good with a shovel too! This shoot was done on his trails.

The Finnish Enduro Series is all about the fresh cut trail and you can’t get  any fresher than this.

Samppa’s Process X DL straight from the box and ready rock.

Niilo Vainio is our new addition in to the team. 15 years old, riding in M16 category. Young and full of talent. Welcome to the team!

Niilo has his eyes on the prize.

Niilo is also trusting the stock Process X DL.

Fresh gear from Endura just got in and the team is ready!