Deep in the American southwest, in a land shaped by the sun, where people live a hardy, rural life, there hides some of the world’s most adventurous roads. Lined by spectacular rock formations and under an impossibly giant sky, sagebrush and cactus give way to endless dirt and pavement.

At Kona, we design our Road bikes to be a little different. For us, it’s about stories: Those rides that turn to experiences as you go deeper. Located on the Colorado Plateau, the Four Corners area is named after a quadripoint where the boundaries of New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Utah all meet. It is the only instance in the United States where four states intersect. Home to the Navajo, Hopi, Ute and Zuni Nations, the area is steeped in story and adventure—the perfect place to showcase the huge range and capability imbued in Kona’s 2015 Road program.

From the rough and tumble nature of the go-everywhere Rove AL, to the speed and diversity of the Zone (EU only); the performance and style of the Honky Tonk, to the endless endurance of the Esatto DDL, at Kona we design bikes whose boundaries are loosely defined. When the pavement gets rough, and the asphalt turns to gravel, then dirt, and the miles don’t ever want to stop, that’s where our bikes come alive.

To tell that story, we take you along for a ride through the Four Corners on four different Konas. From north to south, east to west, on solitary roadways through one of the most geographically rugged and visually stunning regions in North America. Come with us as we go deeper into road.

Schedule of video release dates:
Rove AL (North) – April 7th
Zone (South) – April 14th
Esatto DDL (East) – April 21st
Honky Tonk (West) – April 28th