pyramidOn August 31st, USA Cycling announced its nominations for the 2014 World Championships. Our very own team rider, Spencer Paxson, was one of five elite men chosen to represent the red-white-and-blue at the World Championships, which will be held in Hafjell, Norway September 2-7. This season, Spencer has worked hard to maintain a top-ranking position in the XC discipline, with a top-5 at the Continental Championships ealy this year, and consistently strong showings on the US National circuit, and other headliner events like Whiskey 50, Sea Otter Classic, Transylvania Epic, BC Bike Race.

The US selected a total of 41 mountain bikers, male and female, cross-country and downhill, as eligible to participate in this year’s World Championships. Each rider’s racing accomplishments through the season contributed to their selection. To some bystanders, the ‘World Championships’ may just seem like another bike race, but to put it in perspective, this group represents roughly less than one-half of one percent of all people who mountain bike race in the US (that’s 41 out of ~10,000). That’s the tip-tip-top of the pyramid (or one little leaf on the big tree, if you’re not into the hierarchy thing). Regardless of how you look at it, simply making the cut is pretty cool, and we’re psyched to have a Kona rider on that list.