As riders took to the hills I was stumbling out of my hotel room and swearing at the weak wifi connection. It was one of those days for me. Talking to a lot of the riders at the end of the day, I think I wasn’t the only one. Nearly all of them had a mechanical or an incident somewhere along the line. Despite problems everybody you spoke to at the end of the day said two things though: how hard the race was and how much fun they had. As mountain bikers we’re a weird lot, right?

Since I was such a shambles I managed to miss the pick up truck heading out to the stages to take photos, fortunately Giulio from Endura Italy was kind enough to give me his photos, so all was not lost. Thanks Giulio, I definitely owe you a beer.

As for the racing… Mixed reports were coming in all day, but looking through the splits this evening it seems that Nico was looking set to dominate, but a few problems later in the day meant he dropped back to second behind Remy Absalom. David Sottocornola flew the Italian flag today, storming to a strong third place by this evening. For us Brits it was a good day, with Dan Atherton and Alex Stock taking up the last two spots in the top five. Here’s the top ten as it stands, hopefully the results by category will be up tomorrow (we’ll get them up here with some photos from the talented Matteo Cappe too), but from what I can figure out it looks like Tracey Moseley dominated the women’s competition today.

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