When was the last time you heard a bike theft story end with a positive outcome? Well we have one for you right now that should brighten up your day. Last weekend Ontario Kona Rep Matt Stevens was having dinner with the folks from Tall Tree Cycles. He mentioned that he saw on his Instagram feed that someone in town had their Kona Rove AL stolen the day before.


Apart from the rubber outer, the thieves hacksaw barely made a dent in Claire’s ABUS lock.

As it turns out another Kona dealer, Full Cycle, had already been in contact with Tall Tree as the managers neighbor had found a Rove AL in a field with its lock still on it, unopened.


Claire, reunited with her Rove AL

Both realized that this was more than a coincidence, they reached out on their two ends, got the serial number from the bike and voila! It matched it up with one from Full Cycle. The next day, Claire and her Kona Rove AL were reunited.

Thanks to Kona rep Matt Stevens, Tall Tree Cycles, Jay Heins and Full Cycle; it takes a community to stop bike thieves.