International Field, Beautiful Photographs

They came from all over the world. Nearly 200 entries all told. Backyard dirt jumps, local races, exotic sunsets, downtown commuters, from action to culture, advocacy to storied moments, the Third Annual Kona Shoot the Ride Photo Contest saw it all. We put the call out for your favorite cycling images—anything and everything that best captured the emotion and inspiration of riding a bike. The response came from a cycling world that is big, beautiful, and incredibly diverse, not to mention skilled with the shutter. As voted internally by Kona staff, here are the top five winners.

1ST PLACE: “Nostalgia”

Photo by Ng Hum Kean, Penang, Malaysia
Prize: $500 Kona Store Credit
“This picture was taken during our regular family ride last year, with 9 month old Lwen enjoying the ride on a classic bicycle child seat made of rattan that brings back wonderful childhood memories.”

Kona Kudos: It starts at an early age, the cycling bug. And for those lucky enough to whiz through the world on a bike before they can barely walk, well, that’s just beautiful.

2ND PLACE: “Bike”

Photo by Csaba Jekkel, Magyarország, Budapest
Prize: $150 Kona Store Credit
“This photo was taken in the centre of Budapest and I’d rather call it a snapshot than a planned and organized photo. I like to walk around the city and capturing interesting moments of everyday life. This shot was taken during one of these walks of mine in a small street. I had only a 30 years old film camera with me, a Yashica Electro 35 GSN Rangefinder with 200 ASA black and white film. After receiving the processed negative and scanning it, I realized that it couldn’t have been more perfect to shoot such an old-style subject in such an old-style environment with such an old-style equipment.”

Kona Kudos: A stylish dress, at speed. A European back road, with contrasting pieces of both the old world and the new. Beautifully captured. Totally authentic. Everything special about riding a bike in one simple picture.

3RD PLACE: “Retro Kero”

Photo by Varga József, Hungary
Prize: $50 Kona Store Credit

Kona Kudos: Bikes have been around for a long, long time. They provide dutiful service for years and years, and then, one day, they’re put away for good. But like all things imbued with integrity and purpose, they age well.


Photo by Somenath Mukhopadhyay, Suri, West Bengal, India
“I shot these boys enjoying a bike ride beside a canal against a marvelous backdrop of the sun setting in the west. I noticed the small boy standing aloof watching the big brothers but he was too tiny to be a part of their fun. The photo was shot in Birbhum, West Bengal, India in 2007.”


Photo by Brian Finestone, Whistler, BC
“The shot is on a trail in Whistler called “High Voltage” in summer 2009. The rider was Adam King who I lit up with something called light painting.”