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On any beautiful May Saturday in Bellingham, WA, most mountain bikers are, well, mountain biking. This past Saturday, however, over 30 mountain bikers worked up on Galbraith to re-open one of the trails temporarily closed due to logging.

Galbraith is currently being logged, so certain trails get destroyed, or at least covered with downfall and are rendered unrideable until all the fallen brush can be picked up, and the terrain can be rebuilt where logging truck treads have smashed berms or erased the trail. Hiking in to the beginning of Cheech And Chong’s Wild ride was a bit disheartening, as the trail was totally covered, and needed a lot of work.
Luckily, over 30 people and at least 4 dogs showed up for the Kona sponsored trail day, run by the awesome advocacy group WMBC, and we cleaned up the trail, even re-routing a couple worn down and questionable sections! It’s amazing what some donuts, bagels, pizza and beer with sunny weather and motivated folks can accomplish! Thanks to all who showed up and all the hard work provided.

All photos courtesy of Grant Bleil