This past weekend was round 6 of the Virginia Off-Road Series in Woolwine, VA. This is a relatively new race with a fresh new singletrack trail system. The race was set up with a 2-mile start loop followed by a massive fly over which sent riders to the remaining 5 miles of trail. After a week of non-stop rain, the trail was slightly muddy. The Woolwine trail system had lots of climbing with an equal amount of twisty, burmed-out downhills, all of which required mad power sliding. The 3 lap, 23 mile race was truly a slick mud fest!

The race started up a small greenway trail that sent racers into a tight single-track climb. I was sitting second wheel then proceeded to drop back a few placed mid race. After the second lap I was sitting in eight place and slowly moving up. The last few laps, the trail started to take on a peanut butter consistency and made the climbs super slick and difficult. On the final lap I was able to catch a few riders with fifth place in my sight as we crossed the finish line. I crossed the line in sixth place. As always, the King Kahuna hooked up in the mud & ripped the downhills.