The team traveled down to Clemson this weekend for the seventh round of the SERC series. Clemson has been a staple on the southeastern calendar for many, many years both open races and collegiate races as well as some downhill races. The race this year was another battle and when the dust settled both Alex and Tristan had put in some solid riding and came away with plenty of experience for the rest of the season.

Right after the start Alex lead the field up the first climb and set tempo to prevent any attacks and keep everyone together. The rest of the race wasn’t having any of that when there was a few accelerations launched before one stuck at the start of the second lap. Tristan made a few mistakes in the woods and had to chase hard to remain in contact with the group as they crested the main climb. Another rider fell broke his collarbone close to Alex and he gallantly helped the rider up and out of the woods while sacrificing his own race and result.

Tristan was still hanging tough at the beginning of the last lap but more mistakes in the technical sections and lapped rider traffic cost him the momentum of being in the lead pack. However, fourth place was hot on his heels and he continued to keep the pace as high as he could to avoid getting caught. The amount of trail left was in his favor and he rolled in to get the last spot on the podium. A good weekend of racing and as always the guys had a ripping good time on their Kona King Kahunas!