After recently building up my new Supreme Operator I traveled to Mt. Snow, Vermont to race DH #5 of the Eastern States Cup. The course was your standard fun Vermont track full of rock gardens, roots, and loamy dirt. Saturdays practice was spent locking in my new suspension since it was only my second day on the new bike. My practice runs were going great and my new Fox40 Float and Supreme Operator were feeling awesome. This feeling of awesomeness took over and before I knew it I was doubling a very tricky gap on a very fast section of trail. My excitement got the best of me and I found myself taking a hard crash and breaking my helmet. Fortunately in the spirit of east coast downhill scene some friend’s jb welded my helmet back to new and I took the rest of the day off.

Feeling super stiff after Saturday’s crash I kept Sunday’s race run on the conservative side and ended up with a smooth and clean run winning the women’s pro field by 17 seconds. My new Supreme Operator felt great and I am looking forward to more time on it. Lucky for me the East Coast racing schedule is full of great races. Next up is the ProGRT race this weekend at Windham Mountain!