Screenshot 2014-07-08 06.55.23Romain Paulhan reports: Yesterday, the second round of the FRENCH CUP downhill took place on the slopes of Sancy. In spite of somewhat challenging weather conditions, it was still great to ride the black earth of the Auvergne. As the leader of the field, I was the last to start in Sunday’s final. As the sun started coming, the track was drying out too and and the times were getting quicker and quicker.

I dropped in with the main objective of keeping on the bike (!)…with a superb first few turns after the steep start I made an error as I went into the first wooded section. Then I stuck my lines in the bottom part and really went for it to lock down a win.

MASSIVELY HAPPY for taking first place in this round of the French Cup, the feelings are super good and I really loved finding all the smiles and joy around me, just like back in 2010. Thank you all, I’m really happy to find the glide and speed, now just need to stay calm. It’s easy to come back to the top, but harder to stay there!