Pisgah Stage RaceFrom her blog: In the past few couple of weeks I went from racing 100 miles at Shenandoah to racing 25 miles at my first MTB Collegiate race of the year and now 70 miles at Monster Cross. They all had great endings and were equally hard.

Shenandoah started off with a bang! Literally my alarm was a gong going off at 5 A.M. It was a muggy weekend and Scott and I slept in the van. We ended up keeping the door open on the van and battled the bugs because the heat was unbearable. Fortunately it seemed to have cooled up. I battled for my spot in the port-o-let line, drank a bunch of coffee, got dressed, got on the bike, and lined up for the race all before sunrise.

I got a good starting position and battled my way through the start on the road section. I knew from last year that getting into the single track in a good position was necessary. The bad thing about having the road as the start is that “roadies” get in front of you because yes they are stronger, but not necessary stronger at getting over rocks as fast you. There was a little bit of this battle, but for the most part I gave the person in front of me enough room to dab and get out of my way if need be.Read more