AIYANA_xc_raceAlex Ryan reports: This past weekend was the Aiyana XC Mountain Bike Race In Kingsport, TN at the Bays Mountain Park & Planetarium. The park sits on a 3,550-acre nature preserve and the largest city-owned park in the state of Tennessee which also contains a wolf sanctuary in the middle of the park! The race started fast, everyone racing for first position into the woods. After a mad dash for the single-track, I was sitting second wheel going into the trail. The race started off on a fast gravel road climb sending riders into fast single-track sustained climb followed by a long downhill. The 4 lap, 24 mile course made for tactical racing. After 1 lap of following the first place wheel, I attacked the group and opened up a gap. After 3 more laps I was able to take the win for the day. The trails at the Bay Mountain Park are definitely a mountain bike destination in Tennessee. The trails seemed to flow endlessly throughput Bay Mountain Park with amazing views and awesome downhills. As always the King Kahuna rocked the fast, flowing singe-track!