Alex Ryan reports: After a long winter (even for us Southerners) the storm finally broke the week before the Knobscorcher, or round three of the South Eastern Regional Championship series. The Tsali trail system in Western NC is a great location for an event and one of the longest running races in the South East. A very strong crowd rolled up to the line but some problems with a gate delayed the start of the race. Once things got underway, MOB MTB rider Tristan joined another rider early in the race to try and cause a separation. Alex was sitting in a large group behind Tristan. As Alex descended an early singe-track decent, Alex suffered a crash resulting in chasing the lead group the remainder of the race. Tristan quickly reeled in the rider off the front of the race and sat back biding his time for the final push to the finish. Unfortunately, Tsali is a very difficult course to pass on with single tracks and tight corners. The final “sprint to the line” went down on one of the climbs six miles from the end. With the lead group strung out just enough, Tristan struggled to hold his position and finished off the day in fourth and Alex finished 10th for the day. A great effort for the MOB Team and the Kona King Kahuna which ripped up the corners and flew up the climbs during the race.