Photo: Guy Miller

Last weekend, the USAC national gravity race circuit finally made a reappearance on Snowshoe Mountain in WV much to my delight. The venue was particularly meaningful to me. It was 10 years since the last national race at Snowshoe, when I’d discovered this addictive MTB niche watching with awe and admiration as pro women conquered rocks, roots and drops on an adjacent course. To top it off, the weekend hosted a 2-day Kona women’s camp that I got to crash in on, soaking up all kinds of confidence inspired girl vibes! Despite the awesome atmosphere and venue, I found some extra jitters in the starting gate. They brought me painfully close to crashing on the only flat section, where my extra pedal strokes connected squarely with a rock and sent my chest over the bars. I managed to reel it back in just in time and recollected myself to ambush the finish line in second place. No complaints here!

To top off my 2nd place finish this past weekend, the current USA Cycling Rider Rankings were just updated and I’m sitting in second place overall!