From Becky Gardner – Last weekend I headed south to Angel Fire Resort for my first DH race of the season after a laundry list of injuries that had been compounding since last October. It not only was this my first DH race of the season, but literally my first run on my new Supreme Operator! The Angel Fire course is long and varied with a variety of trail conditions from smooth jumps to jagged rock gardens. One thing is constant, it is FAST. From the start gate to the bottom jump the Angel Fire course was awesomely fast, putting my bike and my body to test the whole way. Knowing that my arms are not use to riding lots of DH yet, I kept Friday and Saturdays practice minimal and focused on picking the best lines and dialing in my bike so I could to keep my body fresh for Sundays race.


Sunday brought a hot and dry New Mexico day which made the course loose and dusty. With a long season ahead of me and only a few days on the bike I looked for a smooth and consistent run a good bit back from full throttle. I hit most of my lines and got my suspension feeling awesome. Although I held back a little, and didn’t have an ideal run, I was able to manage a 5th place on the day. Reminding myself that I just got off a long recovery, I was stoked to make it down the run injury free and on the podium.

With my confidence and speed on the DH bike starting to grow, I’ll be gunning for the top step next month at National Champs in Mammoth California.

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