From Dave Harder – What a great weekend down in Kimberley, BC for the first round of the KR Enduro Series. I had a pretty rough first practice day on Friday with a bad crash and flat tire on the 4th stage, Mussers, which is a track that eats tires! Feeling a little beat up, I took the rest of the afternoon pretty easy.

Saturday was a great day with the crew from Bow Cycle coming down for their first day on the Kimberley trails. We decided to go up to the 4th stage again and see if we all could get through it without any punctures. We all made it through with our tires intact. We then moved on to the 3rd stage, which is a cool trail that is part of the Magic Line with berms and jumps. Next on our list was the 5th stage, which has some sweet jumps and berms at the top of the trail, then some really fast side hill with dusty corners that were getting blown out, it finishes off with a nice high speed rocky section. The 6th and final stage was a pedal fest with some sweet single track to finish off the day.

With having raced Kimberley last year and getting a flat on Mussers, my goal this year was to just get through the race with no issues but that didn’t really work out for me. The first three stages went really well and I managed to win them all of them, it was only on the 3rd stage that I felt warmed up and my legs finally started to feel like they were getting into the day.

The first pit stop of the day was at the bottom of the 3rd stage where they had the BACON station, everyone loves Bacon. Then it was off up a big climb up the to the top of Kimberley Alpine Resort and the stage 4, Mussers. I thought if I got through this stage I’d be on track for a good result, but it being Mussers beat me again this year with another flat tire! I lost 5+ minutes on that stage, which took me way down in the standings, but that’s mountain biking for you. Stage 5 is probably my favorite of all the stages here in Kimberley and after the flat I wanted to see if I could get some stage wins which you don’t know until you hand your wrist tag in at the end of the race. By stage 6 I started to feel effects of a full weekend of riding in my legs, they were feeling a little dull, but gave it my all and finished the stage with another win.

So for the weekend with a flat tire, which took me out of the standings, I still managed to win 5 out of the 6 stages. Feels good to know I have had a good off season of training.

I am stoked to have Kona helping me out this year with my bikes and gear and can’t wait for the rest of the season on my Process 111. Next stop on the KR Enduro series is Canmore, AB