The first race of the BC Enduro series kicked off at a very dry and loose Fromme mountain over the weekend with close to 300 entrants showing that this series is really finding its feet in just its third year. The pro field featured many fast local and international riders, the competition was going to be fierce.

Things started off with a nice gradual climb up to the first stage down ‘Lower Oilcan’. This track has been revamped over the past couple of years and has turned into a great enduro race track, I tried to push hard on the first stage and opened the account with a credible 4th.

It was then a nice single track climb up to a true shore classic ‘7th secret’, not exactly what I would call an ideal race track but fun none the less. I charged hard at the top and got into a good groove, only to be spat off a skinny at high speed about halfway down, losing a lot of time rearranging the bike in the process. I finished this stage further down the order in 13th.

This flowed straight into the 3rd stage of the day, “Leopard, Krinkum Krankum, Kirkford’. The top of this stage made the legs suffer but I found them again near the bottom and finished the stage in 6th.

‘Expresso’ was the 4th stage of the day, and is a track I frequently ride in the dark during the winter months. The surface was fast but very loose so keeping traction was difficult at times, every corner required a sprint out which made the legs burn! I rode solid and took 5th for the stage.

The final stage of the day was ‘Dreamweaver’, this was loose from top to bottom with one particular section featuring many loose rocks displaced by earlier riders. I made a small bobble right near the top of the stage finding myself off track and having to run a section but I don’t think it held me back much. I finished the stage 6th and 6th overall for the day. A good start to the season!

Next race is at Vedder this weekend which should provide some good racing with talks of stage times in the 15 minute range!