From Leah Maunsell – This weekend was Round 2 of the Irish Gravity Enduro Series. What better way to spend Fathers Day than to race bicycles alongside my Dad.

Although Dad is not competing for the top step of his category it is great to see him contesting his own close battles with a few friends. Riding around with him really reminds me how much fun is involved in enduro and that racing is just part of it at the end of the day. He was delighted with his result and even decided to style it up a bit! The real champ!

img_1527 I didn’t compete in the first round of the series due to school exams so I wasn’t seeded for this round. So I took the opportunity to start a bit earlier and spend Fathers Day riding with Dad.

Saturday was practice day and Garry Davoren of MBW Bike Shop headed out with us to make some set up changes to my Kona Process 111 for the weekend. I did some adjusting to suit the more pedally venue.1908005_382815065238227_2214360471324965433_nHappy with my line choices and how my bike was running we headed out for dinner. It was nearly the longest day of the year so what better way to spend the evening than on the beach. I can tell you for sure it was just as good as any ice bath!

Race morning arrived and with a start time of 10.50 it was a relaxed start. There was plenty of time for chatting and cheering on some others. The first few stages had some extra obstacles for me having to pass out slower riders in front. It wasn’t exactly the ideal situation but luckily I met some nice people who moved over quickly. Thanks guys.

I think the day could be described as one with highs and lows. I felt I was riding well on the first three stages and feeling confident for the last 2 fast stages. Disaster struck on stage 4 when my chain snapped sprinting out of the start gate on stage 4 leaving me with no choice but to do the whole stage chainless! I knew I was going to lose time but I tried my best to just pump and run when there was an incline.


Luckily with the help of I got my bike running smooth again and was able to finish the race. With just one stage left I knew I had time to make up. I tried to have a smooth run and make every pedal stroke count.

Then all I could do was wait for the other female riders to finish. After taking four out of five stage wins, had I done enough to take the win? Just about! Winning by just 4 seconds!

I was delighted to hold onto the win in the Pro Women after riding one whole stage chainless! Thanks to everyone who helped me out this weekend.

Here is a link to the results: