This past weekend saw the return of the famed Mammoth Kamikaze. Becky made the trip to Mammoth Lakes from her new home in Durango and Ryan made the short drive from Santa Barbara for the event. The weekend was jam packed with bike events including the Kamikaze dh, speed and style, enduro, the Pro GRT finals, best trick and slalom! Becky had her sights set on another Pro GRT win and Ryan decided to take on the enduro. The DH course was rocky, rough, and full of famous Mammoth pumice. Every turn in Mammoth demands full concentration or else you quickly find yourself stuffing a wheel and cartwheeling down the mountain. Plenty of riders found themselves very, very, dusty before the end of the weekend. Becky took to the dust pretty quickly and was looking pinned by race day. However, her race run turned out to be something of a disaster. After taking a minor crash in a sketchy rock garden she caught the racer in front of her and had to pass in an awkward section of trail. Getting on the pedals she made up some time until she noticed that her rear tire was nearly flat! Continuing to rail until the finish line she still managed to pull a second place!

The next day was the enduro race and Ryan somehow convinced Becky to race it on her DH bike. The enduro course consisted of three runs, one of which was the DH course with 2 minor modifications. The final run was a 15 minute run from the very top of Mammoth Mountain. The elevation at the top was over 11,000 ft! The first run went well for Ryan as he snagged a 6th place in a stacked class. Becky suffered through the pedally section and made up enough on the DH to snag first. The second stage was the Bullet DH course, rough, rocky, with sections of deep pumice. Ryan had a rough run, crashed, and lost a good amount of time dropping him into 16th. However, this was the shortest course and the overall time damage was minimal. Becky had a clean run and grabbed a second place. After the second run competitors had to ride a few miles uphill to the upper gondola. At this point Becky was really happy she decided to race the enduro on her DH bike…. However, it was all worth it upon seeing the beautiful view from the top of Mammoth Mountain. The final run went from the Gondola drop off across a ridge line and down several thousand feet to the base lodge. Ryan put in another solid effort and took another 6th. Becky, not having practiced the course, took a wrong turn and lost several minutes enjoying the views. After getting back on course she rallied to the bottom and managed to salvage a third. Overall Ryan stayed in the top ten and grabbed 7th overall. Becky pulled another podium and placed 2nd overall! It was a great weekend on the bikes in a beautiful place. Ryan was amazed at how well the Satori was able to eat up a national level DH track and Becky is looking faster on her Operator than ever before. The season isn’t quite over yet for the Gardner’s, Moab and Santa Cruz enduros are on deck next!