This past weekend the Pro Gravity Tour made its way to Windham NY for a three day bike festival including; XC, Super D, and DH races. I decided that even though it was going to be a tiring weekend racing a long DH course I would race super D as well since I can’t miss an opportunity to race my smaller travel bikes. DH practice started on Friday evening and the long course was throwing everyone off a little with rocks, wet roots and mud. However, by Saturday mornings practice I was feeling relaxed and fast. I took a break from DH to ride the Super D course once before the race and discovered that the first 1/3 of the Super D course was a very long fire road covered in about a half a foot of mud where running could quite possibly be the fastest means of travel.

Not so stoked on the course I went and did my seeding run for DH. I was pretty tired after a long day of practice and took it pretty conservative, ending up 4 seconds behind first. I was very happy with the run since I knew I could take some time off for Sunday’s race. After seeding, I went and raced Super D which turned out to be a Mass start with a 20 foot run to your bike. A fellow DH racer and I were vying for the lead until a collision with a girl close behind me took us both out in the mud. However, I managed to still pull a second place in the race and was stoked to go rest up for Sundays DH race!

However, Sunday’s DH practice did not go as planned. The course being quite long and rough was not easy to do first thing in the morning after a long weekend. I stopped practice early and rested until my race run. With flash flood warnings all throughout the day we were all a little worried about what the weather would bring, but I lucked out and had a rain free race run! My run was clean, fast, and felt great! I was error free and ended up taking almost 10 seconds off my seeding time and winning the Pro Women field. I am feeling super confident on my Supreme Operator so far this season and back to back wins have me feeling confident. I can’t wait for World Cup in a few weeks!