The Test of Metal is kind of a legendary bike race in Squamish BC Canada. It’s 67km of beautiful single track, painful yet scenic logging roads and a few city streets that all seem to be pointing up. There are almost 1100 racers that come out to race plus a few hundred support crew.

Kona always has a pretty solid crew out at The Test and this year was no exception. From our factory XC team Kris Sneddon and Cory Wallace were gunning for the top spot aboard their SRAM XX1 equipped King Kahuna race bikes. Sean Babcock is on the Factory Cyclocross team and made the drive up from Portland to put his Hei Hei Supreme to the test. Dik Cox, Canadian sales manager has been racing this race for years. His bike of choice was an XTR equipped Hei Hei Supreme. Trevor Porter is our western sales rep and he chose a 2013 King Kahuna. I chose to ride my Easton equipped Hei Hei Supreme.

The weather was sunny and about 25 degrees, making it a perfect day to go racing. Kris, Cory and Sean hit the gas right our of the gate and set in for a long battle with last years winner Neil Kindree. Turns out Neil still knows his home town trails like the back of his hand and Kris and Cory would
have to settle for 2nd and 3rd respectively. Sean hadn’t actually raced his bike since the Whisky 50 in AZ over the winter and to our chagrin came across in 6th place. Nice work Fellas!

The staff story is pretty cool too. All three of us (Dik, Trevor and I) crossed the line within one minute and thirty seconds of each other. Dik seems to improve on his time every year, this time it was by 8 min. Dik’s kids, Seth and Sabby were in the feed zone keeping the entire Kona crew going with fresh bottles and huge smiles. Thanks a million!

All photos are curtesy of Jon Anthony from Squamish. Thanks Jon!