Contrary to years past, the weather at the Sea Otter Classic this year was beautiful–warm, sunny and teaming with bike riders of all sizes, abilities and classes. The Kona Factory team was there along with a few Clump members doing what they do so well, riding bikes. Sea Otter is the official opening of the riding season here in North America and what way to kick it off. Racing for all ages and a few stunt riding zones to show off some skills.

The expo zone was packed with every manufacturer in the industry showing off there latest and greatest. Kona was no exception flaunting the 24.7 lbs. Abra Cadabra and the latest addition to the Cross family. This time in Carbon. The Friday night, a lucky 2,000 were able to check out the latest film from Anthill production (formerly the Collective), Follow Me. Clump team rider, Graham Agassiz got a couple of shots thrown in for good measure and received some big cheers for his efforts.

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Aside from the great weather and bike goodies aplenty, the racing was not really up to standard or should I say mountain biking. Packed grass, asphalt and fire road was all there was to ride on the for the Factory Team. “The course sucks!” said Barry Wicks after his first training lap. “They’ve taken out all of the great singletrack. All of it”. Road shoes and road clips were on a few of the riders competing in the mens pro class. Not so mountain biking. I think our boys would’ve faired better on a cross bike. Needless to say, the results for the Kona Factory team were not there this weekend.

There was a little action from Paul Bass and Aggy in the speed trial event which was there to replace the big air of the past. It looked fun to do but not really a spectator sport. Both the boys were eliminated going into the final four.

It was really great to see all of the people who help keep the factory and Clump teams up and running. My hat is off to our diligent mechanic Dusty, for putting his head down and getting the new bikes up and running in time for the Sea Otter. He’s a real trooper. Also to Scott O’Dell for holding down the Kona fort and Bike Magazine for their never-ending hospitality.

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