The Kona Product Development Team is pleased to announce the completion of its new Fat Bike Wind Tunnel Testing Facility located at one of its satellite outpost R&D facilities in Nelson, British Columbia. Pictured here, longtime Kona employee “Fast Eddy” Marcelet, subjects a new 2015 prototype Kona fat bike to an incredibly high tech and technologically advanced aerodynamic torture test–all in the effort of making a better fat bike. “We all know that fat bikes need to be as aerodynamically advanced as, say, a triathalon bike–maybe even more!” says Kona’s Chief of Fat Bike Development, Ian Schmitt. “To overcome the inherent drag of the fat wheel, it’s paramount that we make significant gains in performance efficiencies elsewhere on the bike. Plus, we thought it’d be super sick to have our own wind tunnel.” Purchased from the mountain city of Nelson, British Columbia and converted into a multi thousand dollar state-of-the-art facility, Kona product testers are enjoying the remoteness of the wind tunnel (fat bike wind tunnel test results are highly prized in the bike development world) and the incredible innovations to fat bike technology that should turn the bike industry upside down. “These will be the fastest fat bikes ever,” continues Schmitt. “If you buy a fat bike from a company that isn’t doing fat bike wind tunnel testing, well, you’re just not buying a modern fat bike.”

You can tell Dr Dew’s spent lots of time in the wind tunnel. A fine “sculpted” man you could say.